Quarter 3 2021


  • Commit code

  • Testing code

  • Create website

  • Socials

  • Networking

  • Launch 16/08/2021

  • Community Support after Launch

  • Airdrop for supporters

  • Airdrop for LP holders

Quarter 4 2021

  • Launch the New Dex

  • Actively promote Farming opportunities to other Tokens

  • Weekly AMA on Telegram chat

  • Fortnightly Video meetings uploaded to YouTube team will discuss progress and developments updates.

  • Apply to CMC and CG for listing

Quarter 1 2022


  • We will take feedback constantly from our community as we are here for the long road with you guys.

  • Start work on our Launchpad Project and Wallet

  • Promotions and Competitions

  • Advanced and Targeted marketing

  • Weekly AMAs and Fortnightly YouTube videos. 

Quarter 2 2022 

  • Cross network Bridging

  • Finalise the Galaga Launch pad website and launch it. Website will be for Brand new/innovating tokens to list on, but will undergo a vetting process to minimise Rugg’s after launch. Giving investors a peace of mind and show what checks have been done on the proposed token. Website will also have charts and community feedback on each coin. Finalise Wallet and Beta testing.

  • Continued Marketing, AMA’s and YouTube

Quarter 3 2022

  • Contract audit

  • Game integration with hi-score prize and( play to earn as a future option)

  • Launch Wallet and Launchpad