LaunchPad Project

Launching 16 August 2021

We are not just a Meme Token. We have set achievable goals that will sustain long term profitability and most important, utility of the Token. Wallet We aim to provide a user friendly, Safe and Secure wallet which will integrate our cross chain bridging technology. We will coincide with the release a payment card linked to your Crypto wallet.

  • Easy to use

  • Multiple languages

  • Safe and Secure with multi-level encryption

  • Fast and effective payments

  • Built in Crypto currency convertor

  • User to user chat

  • Calculator

Launch Pad Investors face difficulties in differentiating innovative, quality token projects from low quality, often scam projects in the market. We have all felt the sting of an unscrupulous project. Our new launchpad will help to mitigate this risk through our vigorously audit process. We will utilise systems that we are building and will put in place to audit every aspect of a blockchain project. This assessment provides the Investor with independently verified information to enable informed decision before investing in the project. We will also have the facility to offer services such as, Minting, liquidity locking and presales etc to make the site a very comprehensive platform to launch from and offering a lot of services in one shop for the Developer and Investor. This project has started and will take time to build. We will be keeping everyone updated on our socials. Internal Token Auditing will include the following and be displayed on the future launchpad website

  • Developer information and previous projects worked on

  • Tokenomics

  • Distribution of the Tokens

  • Liquidity Locking

  • Developer Wallets disclosed

  • Developer Wallets tracker

  • Internal Contract audit

  • Social contact details

All of these will be scored by us to give you a Safety Rating for every project listed. Once the Token is listed we will then add a Price chart to its page. to know more!

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