First Galaga Token Video Team Update

OK guys and girls, A big shoutout to everyone and welcome back to all of our community members.

We have finalized a video update to keep you informed of how we are traveling prior to the Presale and our official launch date. The video updates will continue as fortnightly and ongoing Galaga Token team progress meeting and team updates for all holders.

This is us, unfiltered, and out of our comfort zones.

Watch be informed and have a laugh if you like, see how we Aussies work and just maybe, actually learn a bit about blockchain currency and our project while you're at it.

We welcome all your thoughts and critiques and hope you will like what Galaga Token can and will offer to the blockchain ecosystem.

find us on Telegram, as well we have all our social links at

Thanks Everyone for support to date. :)

Ian, Des, Cheyne (as pictured)


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