1st breakdown of Galaga tokenomics

Post Presale (soft cap not reached)

We adjusted our tokenomics after the failed presale and now consider the 25T locked in the DXSALE smart contract as dead, as no one has control of them outside of that smart contract.

So the breakdown is for the remaining 75T as at launch

  • 25T is burnt

  • 7.5T locked in liquidity self funded by the team.

  • There is 7.5T split between the shareholder wallets which we will be adding our own BNB to to introduce it into the supply as LP example here 0x99a19c9f5f2b328661dd6cb06b0b9d4b4fd1c53930d3b4b0eb7f0078b8047f28

  • 3.75T in the marketing and developer wallet

  • Subtotal so far 43.75T leaving 31.25 T

The reason so much is left undistributed is so we can add to it for future listings as we will need to provide tokens for liquidity in this eventuality

We locked 13T of these away you can check the transaction hash here https://dxsale.app/app/v2_9/dxlockview?id=1&add=0x77a9068B1Cf611f76aaD252e1D9e6150B153df45&type=tokenlock&chain=BSC. The remaining tokens remain unlocked for the airdrop plus some aside for us as a team to add liquidity to as we can manage it from our own funds outside of $GLG. We will be locking an additional portion of those tokens after the airdrop when we have gauged the rate we can add to LP weekly.


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