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Farming Opportunities

Starting and setting up new farming opportunities to get your token noticed with earnings, which in turn can actively to boost the overall success of your token

Apply for a Farm at Galaga Token


Please send us a filled application to have one of our Dev team contact you to start a farming partnership.

We have a selection of time frames with different packages and all with limited spaces available per month.

Some of our pre-requesites.

  • all associated costs for farming at Galaga Token are to be paid up front and with 50% of cost to be paid in $GLG with remaining 50% in either BNB or BUSD.

  • Tokens will be researched to ensure the trustworthiness of your company's token

  • Time frame for an active farm on Galaga Token is governed by Galaga Token and can be withdrawn on unethical token behavior

  • Application to be submitted from our form our as requested via email.

  • Well standing community and built liquidity in your token.

  • No anonymous applicants, we will require certain details before a farm is accepted on our platform.

Farming application Form

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities..

Contact us via